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Students Letting Guide

General Information

A. The majority of agreements will be for an academic year – usually 1st July to 30th June and will be an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement. When you sign for this period both you and the landlord are tied for this length of time. You will have suitable time to read through the agreement and you should be aware that this is a legally binding document. Please ensure that ALL parties read the document.

B. We require the Personal Information Form to be completed in FULL – one for each person. It is essential that all information requested is supplied. Any missing information is likely to delay or negate your application. Please re-check your form after completing before handing or sending to Hamlets. We prefer all members of the group to hand forms in at the same time – thus ensuring no delays and any confusion as to whether or not the property is being held for you.

C. In addition to the application fee we also require proof of residency and identity as detailed on the Personal Information Form. Copy of passport for all students and Visas where relevant for overseas students is required plus a letter showing confirmation of place on course from all parties and student ID numbers. All can be scanned initially. We will need to see original documents prior to moving in.

D. Tenants are required to have insurance cover for their own contents, which includes accidental damage to Landlords contents. Hamlets will require confirmation at the start of the tenancy that all tenants have relevant insurance cover. It can be any provider as long as relevant cover is included.

E. One tenant will be nominated as lead tenant for the purpose of the Deposit Protection documentation. We are also required to enter the name of any other person which may be relevant to the deposit ie person other than tenant paying deposit and also we require another known address ie address of next of kin. We would usually use the N-o-K address of the lead tenant. All tenants still have equal access to deposit information.

F. A statement of account will be given. Because tenants disappear for the summer or placement we require confirmation by May of how payments are to be made from July. We strongly suggest standing orders are set up to avoid penalties for late payments. Information will be given on payments/methods/times with your tenancy agreements and first information. NOT BEING RESIDENT TILL SEPTEMBER WILL NOT BE TAKEN AS AN EXCUSE FOR NOT PAYING THE RENTAL ON THE DUE DATES.

G. Please be aware that the tenancy is a jointly and severally liable agreement. This means that all are liable for the whole rental amount ie should one person leave the others are still liable for the whole rent. This is not an agreement per individual student or room.

H. We have to follow the Right To Rent procedure and in some cases further personal information and verification may be required.

Please feel free to ring the office to clarify any point if required. We must emphasise that ALL parties concerned should read and understand ALL documentation – do not just leave to one person !!!!!!!

To Proceed

Before key release the following is required

A statement of this amount will be given and usually emailed.

Additional Fees/Important information

PLEASE NOTE - future payments have to be made via standing order unless other option agreed.

For any further fees which may apply, please see Additonal Fees information

Please ensure that all parties have read and understood the information given. It is our experience that if forms are completed/agreements signed etc altogether, everyone can understand what is due when it is due. Please be aware that until the above is complied with the property is not deemed as held for you. Ring hamlets if any queries.

To comply with regulations from The Housing Act 2004 we have to inform you that your deposit will be held under a tenancy deposit scheme. Should there be a dispute at the end of your tenancy the disputed amount will be dealt with according to the specific scheme rules. The deposit is held against any dilapidations and cannot be used for other purposes ie final rent.

Tenants Insurance Cover

Why should I have this cover?

As a tenant your own personal possessions will be at risk, from fire, storm, water damage and theft whilst occupying your rented property. You may also suffer loss or accidental damage to your possessions whilst away from home.

As per your tenancy agreement you are responsible for accidental damage to the landlords fixtures and fittings and contents.

What cover do I need?

We advise that your cover should protect your possessions, as well as including accidental damage cover for the landlords fixtures, fittings and contents both in and out of the property.

Relevant protection will provide you with peace of mind.

Brief summary of cover which you should look for in any insurance policy – check out any insurance broker/cover for exact details as the amount of personal possessions each individual will have will differ:

Loss or damage to your contents and personal possessions in your home caused by (for example):


Damage which is deemed to be your responsibility to the landlords fixtures, fittings contents such as:

Accidental damage to carpets, sanitary ware, windows – any damage to anything belonging to the landlord which is your fault.


It is a condition of your tenancy agreement that insurance cover protects the items as described as belonging to the landlord. You should confirm with Hamlets that you have adequate insurance cover before the commencement of a tenancy.

Hamlets are not covered by the financial services authority FSA to give out insurance advice but we advise checking out comparison sites online

Please be aware that there may be other fees to pay during your tenancy or after - as follows

The above will only apply to tenants who do not fulfil the obligations of their tenancy

Other fees which may apply:

NB. all fees/charges are reviewed on annual basis
VAT is currently 20%

Tenant 1

The following can be scanned for convenience initially:

  • Placement letter from University and Visa where required
  • Where possible utility/other bill with name and current address
  • Passport copy can be emailed but original passport required in office for verification prior to commencement of tenancy

Next of Kin name and relationship to tenant:

For deposit regulations we require the following information:

Hamlets bank details for payments.
Please ensure that you add property number and road name as reference when making an online payment e.g. 134knight. If there is more than one tenant please add your own initials e.g. 134knightMEB

Name: Barclays Bank
Account no: 80040851
Sort code: 20 52 69

Fields marked with an * are required.

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